Friday, June 13, 2008

Ho hum, ho hum...

So I haven't exactly done a very good job updating my blog. The last couple weeks have been kind ho-hum for me... to the point I was just about ready to *gasp* give up second life. I have had more than my fair share of shit from this game and I was just about fed up. I finally decided that I wasn't going to let a couple bad experiences ruin the game for me.. so I sucked it up, put my big girl panties on and forged ahead.

I haven't been taking many pictures as of late.. but did take a couple new ones for a new profile pic as well as a special pic just because I could. :P I did a little reading this week and have some found out some new stuff that will hopefully help me become a little better with my photography.. it's all a learning experience so things should get better with practice. :)

I sorted my inventory for over 3 hours yesterday only to finish and have something go very wrong. For some reason I have several folders that I can not move and they are all sitting on top of my inventory folder.. big deal? no.. but it is annoying as all get out.. hoping that sorts itself oout.

Yesterday I logged on and went to the house and something just didn't look right but I couldn't quite put my finger on it. Last night when I was moving some things around for a special occasion :P it finally hit me... MY FIREPLACE was GONE!!! WTFrench! Toast... where the hell did it go? LoL I searched my inventory to no avail.. looked all over the house and property.. and it is GONE as gone can be. All i can think is that it was buy enabled and someone picked it up on their way through.. just odd to say the least.. so now I am on a hunt for a new one.. *sigh* lol...the things that go on in this game often leave me scratching my head going WTF! :P

Well I think that is all the rambling I can do. I am very happy to have a good friend back in game with me on a regular basis.. it makes things so much more fun when they are. I have missed them dearly and look forward to spending lots more time with them. *smiles* If i could just bottle up that feeling and carry it around I would never be sad again. :)

I hope to start updating more regularly (yes, i know i already said this once) starting next week and I will start posting my freebie finds again as well as do a little more exploring now that I don't have to venture out on my own again... it's always so much more fun exploring with a friend.

Until then... may the force be with you.. :)

<3 ~ Rainy

Friday, June 6, 2008

Ok, I sucketh at the blog thing, but I am REALLY gonna try to do better. :P HUSH! Seriously. Anyway here are some more pics.. woo. I am doing this blog thing, i will post about it tomorrow.. but this counts as my first post, right?

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

from the abyss...

I'm waaayyy behind on updating already. There is a big surprise :P My internets have been down all day and I was hoping to catch up..but no luck. Here are a few new pics til I can update again. :)

Thursday, May 15, 2008

Rainy Latte Logo

ok ok, just one more small thing and then I will quit blabbering all over my blog right out of the gate. I was doodling around last night and thought I would work up a little logo for Rainy Latte (rainy blogs) and this is what I came up with. Mind you this was a very quick draft and just a little playtime with some watercolors and crappy paper. :P I kinda like the black and white though.. could reverse it and have it on the black background.. cause I'm diggin that too. So what do you think? Yea or neah... :)

I found another horse!!

Woot! I found another horse! :) Ok.. so he isn't the beautiful black stallion I got to ride last night.. and he is a little blue, but he is a horsie! :) I was going back to find the link for the sim where I sat on the unicorn (below) and rezzed in at a teleport point. There was a free demo right there, so be sure to check it out. I am not sure where the unicorn is, but it is nearby so just trot around til you find it. Happy Trails!! :P

Oh so PINK!!

Well happy Thursday! That means one more day closer to the weekend. I got on the game this morning and my dearest friend IRL and SL Sereana was there. I wanted to show her a cool horse farm that was shared with me last night and go riding, but it seems my horsie fled overnight. *sniff* So.. I watched while she got her beautiful stallion and scoured over my freebie cards to plan a course of action.

I am sure that you will be hearing quite a bit about Sereana as she is my side kick, my whip cream on my jello pudding, my sunshine on a cloudy day.. she is MAH GIRL!. I love her to pieces!

The uber cool pink boots in the pic are of course a FREEBIE! from Tox1c. They actually come in three colors, red, blue and pink. The only catch is you have to visit three different sims to find them :). Better hurry though they are on available til the 21st.

Another cool freebie I found was this free spaceship shaped skybox in Turville. Not sure of prim count but I thought it was pedry nifty! You can find it here.

Happy rezzing! More later.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Surfs Up!!

This was a freebie that came through one of my groups today. I had to take a few pics to show it off. It came with a couple other tops as well so you can mix and match if you wish.

The suit is from Dream Courture (Caribbana Boulevard 132/33/25) Sorry I can't ever get the SLurl thing to work. Maybe I will get that figured out. lol.

Happy surfing!! :P

*edited to ad SLurl Dream Courture